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NC State and Eastern Carolina will meet, just not where anyone expected

It’s funny how sports sort themselves out sometimes—NC State dropped a disappointing game to Campbell, and then ECU followed this same fashion. So everybody is going to get the State-ECU game they were looking forward to, but it isn’t in the winner’s bracket.

Quinnipiac knocked the door on this regional wide open by beating East Carolina, and NC State has the pitching to take advantage. But, of course, the getting there means going through the Pirates, who are bound to be angry after such a disappointment at home.

That will be no easy task, but the outlook is different now: rather than coming out of the loser’s side and having to beat ECU three times, State only has to beat the Pirates once. Beat ‘em once, send them on their way, and then sort out your differences with Campbell (it’ll be Campbell) after you get past Quinnipiac. Damn, that sounded depressing.

Sunday afternoon is appointment television, with State and ECU both desperately clawing for life. Do not be surprised if the winner of that game comes out of the regional, though let’s be clear that it’s going to be difficult anyhow. Let’s go see.