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NC State given seventh-best odds to win College World Series

Wow, top 10!

College World Series Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Did you ever think you’d see the day where NC State has some of the best odds to win the title in a major sport, be it football, basketball, or baseball? Me neither, but here we are! Vegas is a big fan of NC State baseball this year, giving the Pack the seventh-best odds to win the whole thing, and that’s out of like 300+ D-I programs!

What’s that? You say the season’s almost over and there’s only eight teams still playing? Oh. I guess this isn’t as encouraging after all. But what does Vegas know anyway? Nothin’ about nobody!

A factor in State’s odds is the fact that it is in a pool with CWS-favorite Vanderbilt, but on the bright side, it is the weaker pool overall, as the teams with three next best odds are in the other one. NC State will only have to deal with one of ‘em, if it gets to that point.