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Astonishing lack of judgment allows Tommy White to get hurt against Radford

COLLEGE BASEBALL: APR 26 East Carolina at N.C. State Photo by Nicholas Faulkner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NC State beat Radford 6-2 on Friday night, and this came after NC State couldn’t manage a hit over the course of the first five innings, but the big story from this game is the injury to Tommy White, who was allowed to play third base for some reason.

Tommy White has not exactly acquitted himself well playing first base, and no doubt he talked his way into playing third tonight; no one involved should have allowed him to do that. Because obviously.

Does Elliott Avent have money riding against himself ever winning an ACC title, because what the fuck is this? We’re already deprived of Sam Highfill; now the motor that propels the offense is, if we’re fortunate, perhaps not done, but certainly affected, and he ain’t well—all for third base against Radford. Jesus Christ.