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NC State baseball players starting to hit the portal

Miami v NC State Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

No college season ends these days without the obligatory transfer portal movement, and it didn’t take long for a few NC State baseball players to head for the door. There are four Wolfpack players in the portal currently, and all of them were reserves on the 2023 squad.

It’s a bummer that Michael Gupton, who was a top prospect out of high school, decided to move on rather than give it one more year to try to break the starting nine, but the outfield situation might be crowded again next year, so I get it.

Pitchers Tristan Sipple and Garrett Moffett, neither of whom pitched in 2023, are also in the portal, as is freshman infielder Isaiah Barkett, who appeared in 10 games.

There will be more attrition, I’m sure, and there will be some lingering roster questions until the MLB Draft, which is still a month out.