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NC State among top ACC teams for 2024 MLB Draft prospects

Cozart, Serrano, Fritton, and Butterworth lead State’s 2024 draft-eligible group

Miami v NC State Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

In’s list of Top 200 D1 College Prospects for the 2024 MLB Draft, NC State has four players listed. Featured there are C Jacob Cozart (#13), OF Eli Serrano (54), LHP Dom Fritton (56), and SS Brandon Butterworth (117). As has been the case since the end of the 2023 season, Cozart is D1’s top ranked college catcher. He and Butterworth are both juniors while Serrano and Fritton are draft-eligible sophomores.

The ACC is loaded this year with draft prospects and the Wolfpack are tied for third in the conference in D1’s list:

  • 7 - Florida State
  • 5 - Wake Forest
  • 4 - NC State, Virginia
  • 3 - Clemson, Duke, Miami
  • 2 - Georgia Tech, Louisville, North Carolina, Notre Dame
  • 1 - Virginia Tech
  • 0 - Boston College, Pittsburgh

D1’s rankings are corroborated by ProspectsLive’s Top 100 College Prospects list, which also has Cozart at 13 while having Serrano ranked at 77. Fritton is inexplicably not on that list, though. ProspectsLive’s breakdown of prospects by ACC school is:

  • 5 - Wake Forest
  • 4 - Virginia
  • 3 - Duke
  • 2 - Florida State, Miami, NC State
  • 1 - Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia Tech
  • 0 - Boston College, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh

As the season begins, more draft prospect lists will be revealed. MLB Pipeline has Cozart ranked as the 80th overall prospect including both college and high school players, while Baseball America has him projected as the 16th overall pick in their latest mock draft.