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Primetime With The Pack: Red Defeats White, 42-35

The Red team racked up a lot of dunks on Friday night.

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Friday's Primetime With The Pack event was marred by an incident involving Scott Wood's grandfather that occurred toward the end of the Red-White scrimmage. Wood's grandfather passed out behind the bench and had to be taken off on a stretcher. Fortunately, the prognosis appears to be good--after some precautions, his grandfather was released from the hospital.

As for the festivities, there wasn't a whole lot to mention outside of the actual scrimmage. Mark Gottfried entered by riding wires down from the second level to the court, all while wearing the "Gott Cam."

Do I have tempo-free stats from the scrimmage? Yes, yes I do. The Red team, which featured Lorenzo Brown, Calvin Leslie, and Rodney Purvis, not surprisingly prevailed without too much trouble. I can't even remember how many dunks that team finished with, but it seemed like whenever they got out in transition, there was an alley-oop to finish things.

The White team kept close with three-pointers--it hit five, Red hit none--and T.J. Warren showed us exactly what Richard Howell was talking about when he said Warren just kinda throws stuff up there and it goes in. Tyler Lewis was patient and showed off a solid mid-range game, though it was also pretty clear what sorts of issues his size is going to create at the defensive end. (Of course, a lot of guys would look bad trying to check Zo Brown.)

Box Score

Four Factors RED WHITE
eFG% 69.2 51.6
Turnover Rate 13.3
Off Reb Rate 40.0 31.6
FT Rate 34.6 12.5

42 30.1 139.6 116.3
WHITE 35 30.1 116.3 139.6