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NC State Picked By Media To Win ACC; Calvin Leslie Preseason Player Of The Year

This is the new reality.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NC State was picked by the media to win the ACC, and somewhat surprisingly, the top three mirror the coaches' poll. The media also pegged Calvin Leslie as the league's preseason player of the year and Rodney Purvis as the rookie of the year, just like the coaches.

Funny thing about that Leslie pick--if you watched the roundtables on ESPNU Wednesday evening, you probably caught the "which player on an opposing team do you respect the most?" topic. I think the coaches turned that into a "which player scares me the most" type of response, and Lorenzo Brown came up several times. Leslie was not mentioned once. But Leslie was the coaches' preseason POY selection. Which is not to say that Calvin is unworthy of that designation--I just found it amusing that all any of them could talk about was Lorenzo Brown, and he took a back seat to Leslie in the balloting.

God, listen to me. "You picked one of our all-conference players to be better than the other all-conference player. I will now quibble!" That is some stupid shit right there. I'm sorry. What year is this, by the way? I'm dreaming, right? Could someone slap me just so I can be sure?

Anyway. The media picks:

Preseason Poll
1-NC State (26) 601
2-Duke (21) 589
3-North Carolina 520
4-Florida State (6) 484
5-Miami 436
6-Maryland 341
7-Virginia 287
8-Clemson 277
9-Georgia Tech 189
10-Virginia Tech 169
11-Wake Forest 151
12-Boston College 90
Preseason All-ACC
C.J. Leslie, NC State 50
Michael Snaer, Florida State 50
James Michael McAdoo, North Carolina 41
Lorenzo Brown, NC State 40
Mason Plumlee, Duke 39
Preseason Player of the Year
C.J. Leslie, NC State
Preseason Rookie of the Year
Rodney Purvis, NC State