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Highlights From NC State's Spain Trip

No one got hurt, and a lot of this is spectacular.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

On Thursday, NC State basketball's YouTube account posted a bunch of highlights from the team's trip to Spain, and a lot of great stuff was included. Some of it even involved basketball. I love that the officials in these games look like they've come straight from the beach. "Excuse me, sir, what happened to that margarita I ordered? You want me to do what? Can I wear shorts? And I am in no way interested in a shirt that fits. Right, sounds good."

That's probably how every European basketball official is hired.

Here's a classic moment in Euroflops (skip ahead to the 90-second mark):

Let's pray for that kid and his family. I hope they eventually manage to come to terms with this tragedy.

Those highlights are from the Pack's second game in Spain. The rest:

Game 1
Game 3
Game 4

While these exhibition opponents are not comparable to decent I-A competition, it is nonetheless obvious that State is going to be a terror in transition. This is going to be so much fun, y'all.