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NC State Basketball Media Day Roundup: Mark Gottfried Dampens Enthusiasm By Talking About Reality And Crap Like That

The men's basketball team held its media day on Monday.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The NC State basketball team met with the media on Monday, and head coach Mark Gottfried was left to--as usual--mention how this team isn't where it needs to be just yet. He's all like, "here is a fair and more modest assessment" and shit. SO LAME.

"I'll go around town and people say, 'Coach we had a great year last year.' The truth of the matter is it wasn't a great year. It was a great finish, we had a really fun finish and it was exceptional for our group. But, our year wasn't great, it was just okay."

"I think in general our program has to take another step."

Gottfried regarding Purvis and the Spain trip:

"We practiced the morning we left for Spain and we literally pulled away right out here and he sat out here and kind of waved as the buses pulled off. It was sad. It was a sad day."

Awwww. He probably walked back to his dorm like this:

Lorenzo Brown managed to get in a jab at UNC. (And Mark Gottfried actually used the phrase "jibber-jabber" in response to a question. It was a day of jabbin'.)

"I told [Purvis] to stay positive, and it's going to work out towards the end because everyone is behind you," said Brown, who had to go to prep school for a year before making it to N.C. State. "Plus, with the whole UNC thing, if they got off, how could he not?"

But I think my favorite comment of the day came from Richard Howell when he was asked about T.J. Warren's game:

"He throws up some crazy shit man but it goes in. You can tell it's not luck because he does it constantly everyday. That's definitely going to help us."

Warren just goes around tossin' up some wild-ass shit, dude. We are going to love this kid.

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