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BeeJay Anya Sets Nov. 16 Commitment Date

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A lot has happened in just the last day or two regarding NC State's 2013 recruiting class. Forward target BeeJay Anya, who said recently that he was down to Indiana or NC State, is no longer being pursued by the Hoosiers. Additionally, State appears to have backed off Dominic Woodson, who might have filled a similar position in the class of 2013. Woodson was down to a final two of State and Baylor. Take from that what you will.

According to Adam Zagoria, NC State isn't involved with Kennedy Meeks, either, which would suggest that Anya is the coaches' guy. We'll see. Anya plans to commit in a couple of weeks, and despite what he said right after his visit to NC State, he says he's wide open:

"I'm completely wide open at this point," the 6-foot-8 Anya out of DeMatha Catholic told Wednesday night by phone. "Right now I'm completely wide open. Any school that's recruiting me is fair game."

Anya is No. 44 in Scout's 2013 class ranking. He would be NC State's third commitment for 2013 and the second frontcourt player to join the class. We need more tall people**.

(**That's why I get paid the big bucks.)