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NC State Basketball Recruiting: BeeJay Anya Becomes Third Member Of 2013 Class

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To absolutely no one's surprise, 2013 center BeeJay Anya announced his commitment to NC State on Friday night.

"The thing about BeeJay is he's just massive," said National Recruiting Analyst Evan Daniels. "He has this big, strong body with a huge wingspan and he uses it to impact the game on the defensive end. He really locks in on his area from a rebounding perspective and will definitely contest shots."

It sounds like Anya is a bit raw, that his offensive game could take a year or two to develop. But I'm really excited about adding a forward with his bulk and wingspan, because that combination can pay huge dividends at the defensive end, and we are in desperate need of some lane-clogging Big McLargeHuge-type dudes.

Anyway, Anya is considered a top 50 player in the class of 2013 by Scout, and as I mentioned earlier this week, this addition will move State's class ranking into the top 10.

This is probably it for NC State's 2013 class--Julius Randle could still end up with the Pack, but we're months away from a decision from him, so it's going to get a bit quiet on the recruiting front. And that's fine.