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Puerto Rico Tip-Off Comes To Horrific End For NC State

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Streeter Lecka

There really are no numbers necessary for a recap or discussion of a game like this, because the results were beside the point. NC State came out disinterested against Oklahoma State and never appeared to get into the game; the Pack let the Cowboys build a small lead after the first television timeout, and that margin just kinda hung in indifference for a while. By halftime, OSU led by 10.

Would NC State come out with renewed purpose and energy in the second half? Noooope. With Lorenzo Brown and Calvin Leslie playing like hot garbage, the team appeared completely disjointed and deflated. Once Leslie fouled out after a personal-technical foul combo early in the second half, the team was toast.

Much credit is owed to Oklahoma State, which played hard and played well. Marcus Smart set the tone for that team early on and those kids never looked back. Smart came into the game off to a cold start to his freshman year, but it's certainly clear how good he can be for the Cowboys this season.

So NC State responded poorly to the first major punch to the mouth it's gotten this year. Now the question is, what about next time?