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On The Eve Of Basketball, There Were More Previews

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It's basketball-season eve! While NC State prepares for one surprisingly surly bunch from Ohio, the media continues to churn out season previews.

-- In this New York Times piece, Richard Howell notes that he has seen "the dude" win the NCAA title for State in 1983 a whole bunch of times. He's ready to make some history of his own. (BUT WHAT KIND? WHAT KIND? My Magic 8 ball was, sadly, not specific.)

"I've probably seen a million times, the video of the dude just like tipping the ball in and them winning a championship," he said of the famed buzzer-beating dunk by Lorenzo Charles that shocked Houston in the 1983 N.C.A.A. tournament final.

There is also a silly comment about State's fanbase in that article--from the author, not Rich--but that shit ain't worth getting into for the 50,000th time.

-- As Joe Giglio notes, NC State would do well to improve its defense. And wait a minute, is that--

According to Ken Pomeroy's tempo-free adjusted statistics, N.C. State had the 32nd-best offense last season and returns 70 percent of its scoring.

Defensively, State's adjusted ranking was not as good. The Pack was 65th, out of 345 teams, not bad, but no major conference team has made the Final Four in the past five years with an adjusted defense lower than 30th.

Be still, my beating heart, a tempo-free reference in the N&O!

-- State is No. 5 in Sports Illustrated's preseason rankings.

-- CBS Sports picked UNC to win the league and the Pack to finish second.

-- From the Fayetteville Observer, a story on State and its ability to cope with expectations.

-- Bobby Lutz also met with media members Wednesday in a conference call for the Puerto Rico Tip-Off.