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Mark Gottfried, Tom O'Brien Fly On Planes

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Tom Dulat

Remember D. McQueen Campbell III? He was the NC State BOT member who lost his position amid the Mary Easley scandal; he not only helped create Mrs. Easley's job at NCSU, he also provided air transportation for former Governor Mike Easley.

Lately, Campbell, who is a pilot and avid NC State fan, has been providing a plane owned by his family to Tom O'Brien and Mark Gottfried, according to the N&O. HERE IS THE BOMBSHELL ARE YOU READY HERE IT COMES

Campbell's notoriety may make the flights with NCSU coaches seem odd, but there is nothing illegal about them, and there has been no hint of impropriety.

Campbell has been offering these flights in lieu of paying Wolfpack Club dues, which is allowed with the approval of Club director Bobby Purcell; also, Debbie Yow is well aware of Campbell's connection to the athletics department.

"I am aware that a handful of donors to the Student Aid Association (Wolfpack Club) are willing to provide business-related flight service to our men's basketball or football coach in lieu of their monetary contributions in a given year, if the planes are available," she wrote. "I understand that Mr. Campbell is one of those individuals."

So basically this story amounts to one big fun fact. Here are the flights that Campbell has provided to NCSU coaches, according to the school:

-- TOB went on a recruiting trip and and had a Shrine Bowl business event in South Carolina (12/2010)

-- Gottfried went on a recruiting trip to Maryland (4/2011)

-- Gottfried/Lutz had a Coaches vs. Cancer event in South Carolina (6/2011)

-- Gottfried/Moxley went on recruiting trip to Maryland (12/2011)

-- Gottfried/Early went on a recruiting trip to Charlotte (1/2012)

-- Gottfried went to Charlotte for "ESPN media obligations" (3/2012)