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Anthony Barber Can't Wait To Play Against Duke

Anthony Barber has realized that he is no longer allowed to like Duke.

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Anthony Barber grew up a Duke fan, which is deeply regrettable and stands as one more example of kids making silly decisions. The Blue Devils never offered Barber a scholarship, and when he verballed to NC State, he flipped on the ol' hate switch:

"I knew that once I committed to State, I had to pretty much hate Duke," Barber said. "I’m all for that. Truth is, even if they would’ve offered I would’ve picked State. Duke doesn’t play like I do. I play fast. I can’t wait to play against them in college. For now, I’m a fan of N.C. State and that’s it."

I've heard all they do over there in Durham is set picks for Plumlees. Would you want to be a personal assistant to a Plumlee for four years? (There are thousands of Plumlees--at least one will be at Duke for all eternity.) I certainly would not, and neither would Cat Barber, by the sounds of things. You'll fit in well here, son. Real well.