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Amile Jefferson Fouls Out, Duke Fans Head To YouTube


Duke Blue Devils basketball player Amile Jefferson was whistled for five fouls on Saturday, resulting in his disqualification from the game. Poor Amile did not agree with several of these calls, and apparently Duke fans didn't agree either. So one fan decided to post video of all five fouls to YouTube. Yep. A Duke fan compiled a YouTube video to protest what he or she considered a bunch of bad calls, in the finest tradition of Florida State football fans. This is truly hilarious and the best possible cap on the day for enjoyers of schadenfreude everywhere.

Seriously, this thing is real:

I'm still laughing. The reaction to foul No. 3 is the clear standout here, but I'd like to see a little more commitment from Jefferson on the walk back to the bench. I mean, it was a solidly petulant reaction, but I'm gonna need 100% out of you next time, son.