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MegaHorse Is Now Dead To Me

He twitted the dang whatnow?
He twitted the dang whatnow?
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I am late to this party, but I have just learned that dearest blog favorite, MegaHorse, who when last seen in an NC State jersey was hurling the ball in a rimwardly direction, lashed out at Mark Gottfried on Twitter today. Imagine that, a guy who barely played being mad at the coach who barely played him.

And thus it was that the MegaHorse became dead to me. This is a tragic day for myself personally and for this blog. It is not without profound sadness that I place MegaHorse on my Dead To Me list. I never thought this day could come, no matter how many shots he missed. Just when you think you know somebody you've never met.

But if you ain't part of the solution then you a part of the problem, son. [insert bible verse] Gonna go get some shots up now. Peace! #grinding #education