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Wake Loss Prompts Team Meeting For NC State

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I certainly wouldn't call a 4-2 start to league play--with two games lost in the final minute on the road--a reason to think about a move to crisis mode, but it apparently is enough to bring the team together for an airing of grievances. Is this progress? I remember State had a players' only meeting during the Sidney Lowe era one time, and I'm guessing the team's record was pretty bad. Usually it's being terrible that leads to these sorts of things.

Obviously, this team is aspiring for much, much more. And there was terribleness in the second half of the Wake Forest game, to be sure.

Junior guard Lorenzo Brown did not provide too many details about the meeting other than the "nonsense" of the past three games — a loss at Maryland, a close home win over Clemson and the loss at Wake Forest — was addressed.

"There's been a lot of nonsense going on between us but we're all grown men," Brown said. "We sat down and talked it out. We're perfectly fine now."

I read that remark on Twitter earlier today, and it was presented without context, which made it rather alarming. But given the way it's framed here, I don't think there's anything strange afoot. Zo was asked to define the "nonsense" and he called it "little stuff," so again, this seems like the normal aches and pains of a basketball season. Maybe Lorenzo is just pissed that he's always gotta be the guy who does the cleaning in the dorm room. IF YOU COULD JUST HELP OUT ONE TIME. JUST ONE DANG TIME OR AT LEAST SAY THANK YOU. HONESTLY.