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NC State Basketball: Oh, It Could Be Worse, All Right

How Mike Brey made it through the 2006 season, I do not know.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

NC State has lost three conference games by a total of six points, as you are no doubt aware, and boy howdy has that been unpleasant to experience. This all reminded me of a particularly unfortunate team: the 2006 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. We have not even begun to approach the level of agony experienced by Mike Brey's team that year. Here's a look at some of their conference losses:

L at Pittsburgh, 100-97 (2OT)

Later in the year, Notre Dame endured a five-game losing streak in which it lost those games by a total of 11 points. Two came in overtime. I'm fairly certain that if this sort of thing ever happens to NC State, I will not survive. Seriously, this all happened in consecutive games:

L at Marquette, 67-65
L vs. Georgetown, 85-82 (2OT)
L vs. Villanova, 72-70
L at West Virginia, 71-70
L at Louisville, 89-86 (OT)

Then after rebounding with a three-game winning streak...

L at UConn, 75-74 (OT)

If the Irish simply go 3-4 in these games, they finish 18-9 (9-7) and make the NCAA tournament. Instead, they landed in the NIT where, fittingly, their season ended with a 87-84 double overtime loss to Michigan. Yep, Notre Dame played five games that went to OT--two to double OT--and lost them all. That right there is some shit.

We've endured a tough string of road losses this season, but just remember: it could be worse. It could be Notre Dame-ing.