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Lorenzo Brown Injury: NC State PG To Miss Multiple Games?


While Lorenzo Brown assured people via his Twitter account that he'll be back soon, it is entirely unclear just how soon soon is. That's the problem with these sorts of injuries. No qualifying the soon-ness. Based on the fact that Brown was wearing a boot on Wednesday, well, the odds of his playing against Miami on Saturday do not seem very good.

Brown wore a walking boot to class on Wednesday, N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried said on his weekly radio show, and his status for Saturday’s game with first-place Miami is still up in the air.

"He was limping pretty good (Wednesday), which was not a good sign," Gottfried said on the show. "But we’re just going to work with him around the clock."

So, bottom line, we still pretty much don't know a damned thing. This is an extremely important portion of the schedule, and if NC State is to entertain any thoughts of winning the ACC regular season title, a win over Miami is probably a necessity. There are a lot of games ahead and there is no telling what might happen, but the Hurricanes look the part on an elite (by this year's standards) ACC team, and there is still Duke to overcome.

But State also has to keep an eye on March, because that's when having a healthy Lorenzo Brown really matters. If he has to sit out the next few games, it is going to suck big time. But there's still a lot that can be accomplished down the line.