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NC State Beats Virginia Tech In Overtime, 90-86

Four Factors NCSU VT
eFG% 53.6 50.6
Turnover Rate 15.9
Off Reb Rate 38.2 44.7
FT Rate 78.2 8.8

86 75.4 114.1 119.4
NCSU 90 75.4 119.4 114.1

Box Score

Rebounding nearly cost NC State this game, and that was never clearer on the put-back that tied the game and forced overtime. Now, dude from Virginia Tech committed an infraction by stepping inside the three-point line before the ball hit the rim--waaay before the ball hit the rim--but it was the perfect example of the struggle State had on the defensive glass. The Hokies finished with 21 offensive boards, and that just cannot happen.

Erick Green was Erick Green, and Tech got surprisingly strong efforts from Jarell Eddie and the hair-powered Marshall Wood, but Scott Wood delivered some big plays down the stretch and State's offense was really good after C.J. Leslie's technical. The Pack scored 37 over the final 12:24 (including OT), which was just enough to stave off the Hokies.

But overtime should never have been necessary. When you have a five-point lead with 15 seconds to go, you have got to finish the job. The Pack can't seem to finish games in any way that's not terrifying, and this is a problem because I'm trying to not die via basketball. Like, Scott Wood, if you have a breakaway layup with less than seven seconds remaining in OT that would push the lead to five and you instead hold the ball and pass to T.J. Warren(!!!!111)...yeah could you just take the points and end the game next time? Thanks.

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