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Sidney Lowe Arrested, Logan Winkles Charged With DWI

Streeter Lecka

So it wasn't the best day for people previously or currently associated with NC State. Former head coach Sidney Lowe has been arrested for his failure to pay North Carolina income taxes from 2009 through 2011.

He faces three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file a North Caroline Individual Income Tax Return and was placed under $10,000 bond. A court appearance was scheduled for March 19.

No word yet on how this might affect his status as an assistant coach for the Utah Jazz.

And in other bad news, fullback Logan Winkles has been charged with DWI. He has a court date in March, and disciplinary action is sure to follow--that is if he's allowed to stay on the team. Staats Battle lost his spot on the basketball team after getting charged with DWI back in January. I wouldn't be surprised to see Winkles meet the same fate, and if so, we will miss his long flowing locks.