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Will NC State Get Into The Top Four?


NC State has already been mathematically eliminated from the No. 1 seed in the ACC tournament, and getting the No. 2 seed is highly unlikely, but there is still plenty of room for movement beyond those two spots. From a positioning standpoint, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Earning a bye would really help a lot, and if we could call our shot, we'd want to be on Miami's side of the bracket. Finishing fifth would also take care of the bracket-side of the problem, if require an extra day of basketball.

Here's what's left:

1. Miami (13-1)
2. Duke (11-3) [Remaining: at UVA, vs. Miami, vs. VT, at UNC]
3. UVA (9-5) [vs. Duke, at BC, at FSU, vs. UMD]
3. UNC (9-5) [at Clemson, vs. FSU, at UMD, vs. Duke]
5. NCSU (8-6) [vs. BC, at GT, vs. Wake, at FSU]
6. UMD (7-7) [at GT, at Wake, vs. UNC, at UVA]
7. FSU (6-8) [vs. Wake, at UNC, vs. UVA, vs. NCSU]
8. Clemson (5-9) [vs. UNC, at VT, vs.BC, at Miami]
9. Wake (5-9) [at FSU, vs. UMD, at NCSU, vs VT]

How's it end?