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Jevoni, Bother That Stuff

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

"Jevoni, hello. Welcome to the game. I am going to need you to bother some things, if you wouldn't mind. I can't tell you what or when, but trust me there there will be stuff, and it will need redirecting."

We've had some great highlights this season but the best moment up to this point might be Jevoni Robinson's block-on-cue. There is so much to like about the entire sequence that it's tough to narrow it down to one moment, but I love Gottfried's somehow-masked incredulous reaction to the fact that what he told Robinson to do actually happened seconds later. Gottfried turns around and tries to put his hands in his jacket pockets, miraculously avoiding the complete onset of hysterical laughter. I mean, at this point even C.J. Leslie is laughing.

And he was composed enough to turn back around and tell Robinson to "block it again!" Is there an award category for this sort of thing because this is a special kind of courage. I would already have been doubled over, possibly laying on the floor, yelling out, "tell me another one, Jevoni!"