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Lorenzo Brown Injury: Hey, Who Knows, Man


Mark Gottfried offered a quick update on Lorenzo Brown's status on Monday, and said Brown isn't likely to practice today. So his status for Thursday's game against Duke appears to be very much up in the air.

Again, the timing of this injury came at an absolutely terrible time, but handing the keys to Tyler Lewis for another game could pay dividends down the road. The question is whether or not Lewis can replicate his outstanding performance against Miami in a tough road environment. Lewis is undeniably talented, but that Miami game felt like a fluke. Much of that impression stems from the fact that he hasn't gotten a chance to play a lot of minutes this year, and he didn't exactly light the world on fire with his limited time. We've seen more bad than good, which is why Saturday felt like a one-off in which some random dude has a big game out of no where. That's normally NC State Shit's department. If he does in fact play well in Durham, then we can start to feel more confident about what he brings to the table.

Maybe he just needs some time to get into the flow of things, which he couldn't do under the previous circumstances. He's a better shooter than he'd shown in his appearances prior to Saturday, and we saw him not only play aggressively against Miami, but make shots as well. If that's the real Tyler Lewis--when he gets to play 20+ minutes--then the outlook on his career at NC State changes considerably. We just don't have enough information at this point.