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NC State Is Now America's Team


NC State basketball's combination of good offense and bad defense can make for some exciting games, as we have recently witnessed (unfortunately, in this case). State's ability to get up and down the floor in transition is all sorts of fun. We all know this. Now America knows this, thanks to this scientific list of the country's most watchable basketball teams:

3. North Carolina State: Richard Howell isn't built like a bruiser, but the forward's core strength allows him to clear out a significant chunk of interior space. He has superior footwork, and he can outjump would-be defensive rebounders, all of which make him a box-out nightmare for opposing bigs (not to mention a vital part of the Wolfpack's 1987-never-happened offense). Only four other high-major programs attempt fewer threes than the Wolfpack. When he isn't converting those rebounds-Howell's 1.28 points per put-back is fourth among D1 bigs-his team benefits from the additional possessions.

It's true, NC State is extremely watchable, for reasons good and bad. But this undeniably makes the Wolfpack America's team, because who among us in this great nation is perfect in every respect? Not a one, I tell you. Not a one. I sure as heck ain't. My eyesight is bad. I can't dribble to my right. My cursive handwriting just plain stinks to high heaven.

Each NC State game is an action-packed and occasionally poignant examination of the human condition and what it means to blow a lot of shit up. So root for NC State, which is the basketball equivalent of the over-the-top explosion-riddled action movie that this nation perfected. And put some damn USA on your hat while you're at it.