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Lorenzo Brown Out Barring 'A Miracle'



Gary Parrish is reporting that Lorenzo Brown will sit out tonight's game against Duke; a source told him it would take a miracle for Brown to see the floor. Given what we've heard about Brown sitting out practice this week, this doesn't come as any particular surprise, though it is disappointing.

Or! Or this is all misinformation intended to screw up Duke's game plan, and Brown will emerge from the tunnel Willis Reed-style, and then drop 25 points and 12 assists on the shocked Blue Devils. NC State will win in a laugher, 89-71. I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE, MAKE IT SO.

All right, that probably isn't happening. But never say never. In any event, we have Teen Wolf ready in the wings to make it rain dimes if necessary. So that'll work too, I guess. I mean there's really no wrong answer here. Send your thoughts and prayers to the Blue Devils.