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2013 ACC Tournament Bracket Set: NC State Gets The 5

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland could have done NC State a solid on Sunday by beating Virginia, and after a strong first half, it actually looked like the Terps would pull it off. But then the second half happened, and as I'm sure what all of you assumed was inevitable proved to be just that--the Cavs rallied back from a big double-digit deficit to force overtime and eventually win the game, and yoinked the four-seed and the bye away from NC State. Because of course. That's just how this stuff works.

Anyway, given that outcome, here's the schedule:


No. 8 Boston College vs. No. 9 Georgia Tech (noon)

No 5. NC State vs. No. 12 Virginia Tech (2:30 p.m.)

No. 7 Maryland vs. No. 10 Wake Forest (7 p.m.)

No. 6 Florida State vs. No. 11 Clemson (9:30 p.m.)


1. Miami vs. BC/GT winner (noon)

4. UVA vs. NCSU/VT winner (2:30 p.m.)

2. Duke vs. UMD/Wake winner (7 p.m.)

3. UNC vs. FSU/Clemson winner (9:30 p.m.)