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NC State Dispenses With Virginia, 75-56

Four Factors NCSU UVA
eFG% 52.5 43.5
Turnover Rate 15.1
Off Reb Rate 30.3 14.7
FT Rate 27.1 27.8

UVA 56 66.4 84.4 113.0
NCSU 75 66.4 113.0 84.4

Box Score

Another day, another easy win thanks in part to shutting down the other team's star player. State's effort at the defensive end was very good in the early going, which set the tone for what was to come over the full 40. Virginia got a fine performance from Akil Mitchell, but with Joe Harris struggling to score, the Cavs could not keep up. I feel like I could just use yesterday's recap and replace the names. Maybe I am already doing that. Roll Pack.

Scott Wood had himself one hell of an afternoon, and he broke Rodney Monroe's school record for career three-pointers in the process. With Zo struggling from the field and Richard Howell hobbled, Wood's performance was crucial. Virginia did its best to make things interesting in the second half, but NC State always responded to keep the Cavs from seriously threatening, and Wood had a major hand in that. T.J. Warren...I don't know what to say anymore. His shooting accuracy seems totally unsustainable, but there he goes game after game hitting an insane percentage of his twos.

As for Howell, I think we can breathe a sigh of relief. He was obviously laboring down the stretch but that fortunately didn't have anything to do with something scary like a knee injury. He told reporters after the game that he got kneed in the thigh.

He played through the pain, of course, and pulled down some big rebounds for the team. Love that dude. Let's play on.