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Wake Forest Tries To Stay Perfect In ACC Road Games

Jeff Bzdelik is in pain for obvious reasons. Give that man a hug or something.

Wake Offense In ACC Play
Four Factors Percent ACC Rank
eFG% 45.3 10
Turnover Rate 20.2 9
Off Reb Rate 28.4 9
FTA/FGA 38.4 3

Wake Defense In ACC Play
Four Factors Percent ACC Rank
eFG% 51.6 9
Turnover Rate 20.4 4
Off Reb Rate 29.8 6
FTA/FGA 34.4 9

Wake Forest's offense has been respectable at home, and the Deacs averaged more than 1.1 points per possession in their wins over NC State and Miami. Road games are a different story. Jeff Bzdelik has not been so successful at winning on the road since coming to Wake, and this year has changed nothing--Wake is 0-7 on the road in league play. (Let's not change that tomorrow okay thanks guys.)

Only once in those seven losses did they crack a point per possession, and they did so only by a nose, and it was against the league's worst defense. So it would be fair to say that scoring efficiently has been a bit of a problem away from Winston-Salem.

Overall, the Deacs are averaging about 0.94 points per trip in ACC games, and they rank 10th in 2FG% and eighth in 3FG%. They are also getting a whole heck of a lot of shots blocked. With little secondary support in terms of offensive boards (Chronic Brick Fatigue Syndrome strikes another poor program), things can get a bit ugly. Of course as I write this all I can think about is the first meeting and why did they have to go and do that to us those dang jerks.