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Never Be This Guy

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

To compound the final result Saturday afternoon, an angry Wolfpack fan threw an empty plastic bottle at an official late in NC State's loss to FSU. The ref had just (correctly) called C.J. Leslie for traveling, which deprived the Pack of another opportunity to even the score. The fan was ejected for this moment of stupidity.

Never, ever be that guy. If you are sober and thinking about doing this sort of thing, turn to the person next to you and implore him or her to "hold back your hurlin' arm." Or at least try to learn to like recycling; I don't know why recycling is such a hot-button issue for you, guy. If you are drunk and think about doing this sort of thing, then LOL high five bro what happened last night I blacked out.

But seriously please don't do this because you can give Dan Dakich a reason to tweet things and no one should ever do that under any circumstances.

Oh, Dan. Never change your instigating ways, man.***

(***When did we develop a reputation as inaccurate empty-plastic-bottle hurlers?)