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Mark Gottfried Skydives Into 'Primetime With The Pack' ... Kinda

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Finally Mark Gottfried has delivered on his promise to jump out of a plane at high altitude; he took the leap prior to Friday night's Primetime With The Pack event, though his landing spot was not the PNC Arena's roof, which is too bad. He knows the way down from there, after all.

Last year it was a zip line. This year, a skydive. Next year, he's going to have to one-up that dude who jumped from the edge of Earth's atmosphere. If there is not an entrance that at the barest of minimums includes the moon, I will be severely disappointed. I expect some sort of elaborate stunt involving Mars and an asteroid belt. And there should be fireworks, like the biggest fireworks of all time. Also I would like some free ice cream.

Some basketball was played on Friday night, and here are highlights from the event, courtesy of NC State. Tyler Lewis is still good at passing the basketball.