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Campbell Vs. NC State Preview: New-Look Camels Full Of Unknowns (Hey, That Sounds Familiar)

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2013 Stats
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Campbell Offense 12-13
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 48.2 192
Turnover Rate 20.1 182
Off Reb Rate 32.7 133
FTA/FGA 30.8 298

Especially when you are a first-year coach, like Campbell's Kevin McGeehan, it's nice to have a few decent pieces returning to get you off on the right foot with the fans and administration. Just ask Mark Gottfried about that. Unfortunately for McGeehan, the Camels lost their top three scorers from a year ago--senior Darren White suffered a season-ending injury a third of the way through and didn't get a waiver from the NCAA for another year; Trey Freeman transferred to Old Dominion; Darian Hooker also opted to leave.

White's return in particular would have been huge. Instead, the Camels are rebuilding without the only players who averaged 10+ points per game in 2013. Additionally, Campbell's fourth-leading scorer from last year, Marvelle Harris, has yet to play in a game this season. I couldn't find a reason why, though he is still on the roster.

And the offense wasn't any good even with those guys. The Camels were roughly NCAA-average in three of the four factors and really bad at getting to the line. They were also about average in terms of their two-point and free throw accuracy, but they were horrible from beyond the arc and didn't attempt many threes either, which helped simplify things for opposing defenses.

Now the Camels are forced to rely on some guys who were secondary options last year, along with some freshmen, and that's always worrisome.


Quinton Ray (6-1, 180) -- If Campbell's first two games are any indication (and it's worth noting that Campbell opened the year with a D-III team), Ray won't be taking a lot of shots; so far, he's averaging a field goal attempt every 10 minutes. Ray has a decent assist rate at this early stage, but he will probably be a non-factor.

Andrew Ryan (6-5, 200) -- After a couple of seasons as a light-usage player, it appears Ryan is going to be one of the guys tasked with filling the void. So far so good; thanks to some early hot shooting, he's leading the team in scoring. How well he holds up over the course of the season remains to be seen. Last year he hit 31.3% of his 83 three-point attempts and about half of his twos.

Reco McCarter (6-6, 195) -- McCarter has been a solid scorer from two over the course of his brief career at Campbell, but nothing quite says THIS IS A GIANT NO-ZONE FOR YOU SON WHAT ARE YOU DOING quite like his 15-65 shooting from beyond the arc last season. He is 1-6 this year. Six attempts in two games. We need to have an intervention here.

Leek Leek (6-6, 215) -- No, I didn't mistype his name. The Leeks had a decent freshman season in some ways--he shot a passable 34.1% from deep and proved to be a decent shot blocker--but other things, like his two-point accuracy and turnover rate, were clear indicators of a guy with a lot to improve.

Darius Leonard (6-9, 225) -- Leonard has apparently decided that he will be The Guy considering he's taking more than a third of the team's shots when he's on the floor. The dude could prove to be a reliable primary option, or this could be a disaster. But Campbell doesn't exactly have a lot of options. His struggle will be staying on the floor--the junior has averaged at least 4.6 fouls per 40 minutes in each of his first three seasons. There are things to like here, though, for sure. He takes good care of the ball, and he's an outstanding offensive rebounder. If he can improve his scoring efficiency, Campbell will be onto something.


Marvelle Harris (?) (6-6, 215), D.J. Mason (6-6, 215), Luke Moyer (6-0, 170), Antwon Oliver (6-6, 185), Kyre' Hamer (6-3, 195). Harris is a decent interior scorer, good overall rebounder, and solid shot blocker ... when he plays. Mason appears to be the guy to watch--the team's super-sub is shooting the ball a ton when he is on the floor, and after playing sparingly last year, it's tough to figure what to expect. Moyer and Hamer are basically unknown quantities as well.

Campbell Defense 12-13
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 51.6 287
Turnover Rate 20.2 152
Off Reb Rate 34.6 291
FTA/FGA 39.2 253

Campbell was undersized last season (it is again this year), which made it pretty easy for opponents to score efficiently from two, and that combined with some sub-par defensive rebounding doomed this unit to the land of the terrible. The Camels were fortunate that opponents hit their threes and free throws at an average rate, otherwise ... yikes.

The Pomeroy Predictor likes State by 14.