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ACC-Big Ten Challenge Schedule, TV Information

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC-Big Ten Challenge has been owned by the Big Ten lately, and this madness has got to stop. Unfortunately, the Pomeroy Predictor expects a 7-5 B1G victory this year, but there are several swing games that could easily turn this thing in the ACC's favor.

NC State hasn't won a game in the Challenge since freakin' 2006, so I would say that the Wolfpack is due. I didn't realize it had been that long, but that's probably because there were some games in there I had to block out. Three ACC teams, including State, are riding five-game losing streaks in the Challenge.

Here's the full slate:


Game Time Matchup TV
7:15 p.m. ET
Indiana at Syracuse ESPN
7:15 Illinois at Georgia Tech ESPN2
7:30 Penn State at Pittsburgh ESPNU
9:15 Michigan at Duke ESPN
9:15 Notre Dame at Iowa ESPN2
9:30 Florida State at Minnesota ESPNU

I'm gonna go with the ACC 4, Big Ten 2 after the first day.


Game Time Matchup TV
7:00 Wisconsin at Virginia
7:00 Maryland at Ohio State
7:30 Northwestern at NC State
9:00 UNC at Michigan State
9:30 Boston College at Purdue
9:30 Miami at Nebraska

Obviously, there's no topping Tim Miles, so chalk that one up as a loss, Miami. Maryland will be blasted into a million pieces. That means the league will have to find three wins in the other four games to reclaim the Challenge title.

Which UNC team shows up in East Lansing, the one that beat Louisville or the one that lost to Belmont and UAB? I would write Carolina off but that team is currently so perplexing as to be unreadable. UVA will slog its way to a win, I suspect, and the Pack should beat Northwestern. It might be all up to you, Boston College. It might be all up to you.