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Where Does NC State Land?

Streeter Lecka

NC State is a lock to make the NCAA tournament, it's just a matter of where and with what seed. It seems likely that the Pack is headed for a seed somewhere in the seven-to-nine range, which creates a scary second-round matchup in any case. Unless we are in New Mexico's pod. Can we please be in New Mexico's pod?

As of Saturday night, Jerry Palm has NC State as the No. 8 seed in the East with a first-round matchup against Missouri and top-seeded Louisville looming. That's not a good draw--I would prefer a matchup with any of the other teams he projects as nine-seeds.

Joe Lunardi also has NC State as an eight in Louisville's region, but in this case San Diego State is the Pack's opponent. I've already seen that movie, Lunardi, give us someone new. Which is not to say that SDSU wouldn't beat NC State; I'd just prefer not to play the same team two years in a row.

The committee will on occasion deviate quite a bit from the analysts, so we can't say for sure that we're doomed to a potential matchup against a one- or two-seed in the third round. The seven or eight seems the most likely outcome, but you never know. #prayforthesix