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NCAA Tournament Bracket: NC State Earns The No. 8 Seed In The East

Streeter Lecka

Well, as anticipated, NC State did end up in that 7-10 seed range, earning the No. 8 seed in the East Region. The Wolfpack will play Temple in the first round and faces a potential matchup with No. 1 seed Indiana in the second round, which is quite frightening. But I suppose we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves.

Temple will be challenge enough. I would like to add some additional insight here, but Ken Pomeroy's website is down. Everyone get off Ken Pomeroy's website! I got important analyzin' to do here. It's probably a bunch of coaches who've caused this outage so I guess they take priority.

Anyway, the man to watch will be Khalif Wyatt, who is averaging 19.8 points per game. He isn't a great three-point shooter (32.6%), but he ain't shy about shooting from out there. He's also good attacking the rim--he's making about half his twos, and his free throw rate is excellent. That's the big danger with this guy--he shoots better than 80% from the free throw line, so we cannot afford to send him there a bunch.