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Who Hurt You, UCLA?

Stephen Dunn

One UCLA fan insists that Mark Gottfried should not be a candidate for the UCLA head coaching job since he does not match the fan base's dust-covered Bill Walton bong of a set of expectations. I completely agree with this and if there is a petition I can sign to remove Gottfried from any sort of consideration, I would be glad to do so. Mainly I just don't want to subject the man to folks like this:

Now moving to the present - let's make something very clear if you can't tell already. Screw the national media. The biggest mistake anyone can make here is to actually take anything from national media columnists serious [sic] about the coaching candidates pertaining to UCLA basketball. These clowns have been wrong all along and we have laid out in detail why there is no reason to pay any attention to nonsense spouted by the blowhards in national media, who has [sic] no freaking clue about what is going on with UCLA basketball.

Hell, I thought we were neurotic. Good luck with that whole UCLA Complex, guy who has to coach there. No Bruins fans actually go to games, but they are really good at banding together to make vaguely-coherent grammatical embarrassments on the internet, which I'm sure must count for something.

Now I'm just fascinated to see how this coaching search turns out. The paranoia level there is off the charts. It doesn't matter in the least to me if Gottfried is involved in this shit show; if he goes, so be it. That would be totally in character. I'm just here for the party. /popcorn