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Women's Basketball Head Coach Kellie Harper Fired

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Kellie Harper has been let go after a disappointing 17-17 season.

I'm surprised this hire ended up working out so poorly for NC State--at the time I thought Lee Fowler actually made an inspired choice. She was young and brought more energy to the program, and she had a track record of success at a mid-major program. But she just never managed to build any momentum for the Wolfpack program through recruiting, through coaching, through whatever. I'm sure sbas can provide more details on this than I ever could.

Her best team was her first, and it was the only one she took to the NCAAs in four seasons. The Pack did reach the WNIT in each of the past two seasons, but never displayed any real progress in terms of win-loss record. Her teams never finished with a winning record in conference play and never finished higher than fifth in the ACC.