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Reports Indicate C.J. Leslie, Lorenzo Brown Will Declare For NBA Draft ... Or Will They?

Goodbye, adventure rocketship?


Not surprisingly, reports are already emerging that C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown will declare for the 2013 NBA Draft, skipping their senior seasons. Both may have some work to do in order to work their way into first-round locks and get that guaranteed money--right now Jeff Goodman's mock has Brown going in the late first, while Leslie goes 50th overall.

I have to think Leslie will ultimately get drafted higher than that, though. Somebody's going to fall in love with his athleticism and raw tools, right? Brown just needs to get healthy. Well, that and shoot about a million jump shots every day.

Anyway, if they are indeed moving on, I wish them nothing but the best. This season may have been a disappointment, but those two guys were primary reasons why we had any expectations to begin with. They helped turn around a bad program. They made quite a bit of money for Mark Gottfried, too.


And of course just as I hit publish on this thing, Joe Giglio reports that Lorenzo Brown hasn't made a decision yet.

Kim Banks, Brown's mom, said she would be in Raleigh this week to talk to her son about his future. She also refuted the CBS report.

"I've seen the rumors," Banks said. "I don't know where they get that from. He hasn't made a decision yet."

Leslie tweeted "Who said I was leaving" hours after the reports emerged. Oh, and T.J. Warren is also mulling his future, and there are comments from his father in Giglio's story.