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UCLA Boosters Want Mark Gottfried, According To Report

Joe Robbins

Men, put on your worryin' pants! According to Adam Zagoria, UCLA's boosters support the hiring of Mark Gottfried after getting rejected by Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart. They sure got down to the second tier in a hurry, huh.

"Mark said he wants it and the boosters want Mark Gottfried," the source told "He's got the support of the boosters."

Smart is reportedly negotiating an extension at VCU, according to, while Stevens is said to want to avoid the limelight associated with Los Angeles.

So this, uh, this appears to be getting more interesting. It obviously doesn't mean UCLA will make Gottfried its primary target now, but it's certainly troubling that his name is already figuring so prominently in that search. I mean, I at least expected the Bruins to have a look see at a few other guys before getting down to Gottfried, but now a group of boosters is already giving its undivided attention to Gott? Sheesh. I thought maybe if none of us uttered the name "Mark Gottfried" aloud, UCLA would just totally forget about him. Now I don't know what we're gonna do. Does anyone know how to hypnotize people? Might could pawn off Bzdelik to 'em.