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Scott Wood And Marissa Kastanek Participating In All-Star Three-Point Shooting Competition

Streeter Lecka

College basketball has its own all-star weekend of sorts every year around Final Four time, and on this occasion NC State will be well represented. In the three-point shooting contests, anyway. Scott Wood will be shooting in the men's competition--after watching the Red and White game festivities last fall it's tough to imagine anyone beating him--and Marissa Kastanek will be participating in the women's competition.

These events will air on ESPN next Thursday beginning at 7 p.m. ET. One last chance to see Scott Wood, one last chance to really dwell on what could have been this season. Not that I'm condoning the latter. Definitely don't do that. There's no crying in college all-star events. Nooooope. Na ga da.

Anyway, tune in next week to watch Scott Wood destroy whatever quote-unquote competition he is up against. Kastanek probably has a decent chance of winning as well. See, we're going to get a championship in Atlanta after all.