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How Not To Get A Head Coaching Job

Grant Halverson

Once the Florida Gulf Coast job opened, Bobby Lutz was one of a slew of coaches to contact FGCU athletics director Kevin Kavanagh, and thanks to a public records request, we know what some of them wrote via email. Lutz may very well end up becoming a serious candidate given his credentials, but something tells me that this New York City community college head coach is out of luck (via SFN):

"I was told you where [sic] looking for a head coach for the men's basketball team," the applicant wrote, complete with the incorrect word choice. "If so I would love to turn your program around."

Oh come on, man! We're trying to retain Bobby Lutz and you're out here making a terrible first impression, getting yourself tossed onto the "No" pile without so much as a second thought. That's really not helpful. I think we need to start a consultancy operation in an effort to make everyone not named Bobby Lutz look as good as possible. That would work, right? Our first task would be editing emails for spelling and/or awareness of NCAA tournament results.

Lutz Watch 2013 rolls on...