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It Could Be Worse; It Could Be Raining


Now that we know Lorenzo Brown, C.J. Leslie, and Rodney Purvis are out the door, here is an approximation of what we could be looking at next season:

1: Cat Barber / Tyler Lewis
2: Ralston Turner / Desmond Lee / Lewis
3: T.J. Warren /Turner / Mystery Player X
4: Kyle Washington / Warren / Mystery Player Y / #FREEJEVONI
5: Annyong / Jordan Vandenberg

Lots of caveats here, of course. I threw Lee into the mix even though he hasn't made a college choice yet. I'm also assuming that the staff scrounges up another player or two from somewhere to help us up front. If Lee picks State and we add another post player through a graduate transfer or whatever, then we could still have some decent roster flexibility. The frontcourt situation is frightening; there's no way around that conclusion. The season will rely heavily on what the rookies can give us, and it would help a lot if Warren improves his defense and defensive rebounding. Assuming he's here next season, of course.

The backcourt could be fun at least. Between Barber's speed and Lewis' natural passing ability, they'll be able to create some easy opportunities. Turner needs to be The Guy Who Makes Threes, because I'm not sure who else we can realistically expect to stretch defenses. Every other guard is unproven in that regard.