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Rob Moxley A Candidate For UT Pan American Job; Bobby Lutz Likes Sunshine


NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley has a shot at the UT Pan American head coaching job, according to Jeff Goodman, though he is not the favorite for the job.

Additionally, Bobby Lutz spoke about the newly-vacant FIU job during a radio interview Wednesday and didn't exactly deny that he would be interested.

You sayin' we don't have enough sunshine in North Carolina, coach? Because that's how I choose to take it. I'm taking it personally and you'll pay for this, I tell you! Okay I didn't mean any of that.

Minnesota hired FIU head coach Richard Pitino on Wednesday.

Who knew an offseason could be filled with so much excitement? Oh right; we did. This may be an unusual level of eventfulness for an offseason that does not include a coaching search, though.