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What Will We Get From Desmond Lee?


I wanted to take a closer look at Desmond Lee's production in junior college with an unnecessary examination of his team's tempo-free stats, but as it turns out, stat tracking at that level is hit or miss. There were about a dozen games for which they did not even keep track of how many minutes guys played. Omissions like that made some stats impossible to calculate, but there are still a few basics that we can review:

2012 53.9 56.6 33.8 71.4 44.8 44.2
2013 50.6 51.4 33.0 76.8 44.0 53.7

Lee was a frequent three-point shooter but only an average one, which is disappointing if only because I was hoping to find some ready-made reassurance in that area. State's perimeter shooting is going to be one enormous question mark heading into next season. The free throw rates are impressive, though I wonder how that will translate to the D-I level. Same goes for his accuracy shooting twos. But we have found somebody who should be a reliable free throw shooter.

Lee was clearly the focal point of the offense for his JC team last year--he attempted almost 200 more field goals than anybody else on the team, and he also led the team by a wide margin with 237 free throw attempts. His workload was substantial, to say the least. He won't have to carry the offense at NC State, and maybe that will lead to improved three-point accuracy, among other things.