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NC State To Stay Local In Global Sports Shootout

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Per Jeff Goodman, NC State will begin next basketball season in the Global Sports Shootout, which as it turns out is a thing that exists. Cincinnati, Campbell, Appalachian State, and NC Central are the other participants, and if the format hasn't changed, it looks like this will be a round-robin event. It will also be boring.


Location: Campus sites
Dates: Nov. 8-22
Teams: Cincinnati, N.C. State, Campbell, Appalachian State, N.C. Central

Cincinnati's athletics director mentioned during a radio interview a while back that the Bearcats are hosting NC State next year, so this must be the occasion. I would guess in that case that the Pack will host the other three schools as it continues its global sampling of other cultures en route to completing this global challenge.

A road game against a quality opponent that early in the season should prove interesting. The timing isn't ideal for a young team that could be playing a discombobulated approximation of basketball, but then again, maybe that makes the timing perfect. Let's see what you got, kids.