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Glancing At Trevor Lacey's Alabama Career

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Lacey has two years of college experience behind him, giving us at least some idea of what we might expect from him once he suits up for NC State. Coming out of high school, he was a top-100 kid, though he didn't end up being an immediate star for Alabama.

Lacey upped his workload significantly last season, which is probably one reason why his two-point accuracy dipped so much. But he also improved on his outside shooting--he hit 37.3% of his threes, up from 30% his freshman year--and if he can continue to hit threes at that rate, he is definitely going to be a good addition for us.

ORTG %Poss %Shots eFG% Ast% TO% Stl% FTR FT% 2FG% 3FG%
2012 99.5 18.2 18.1 49.5 14.8 23.0 2.2 33.5 79.7 54.5 30.0
2013 100.1 22.9 23.5 48.3 23.4 20.1 2.9 29.9 71.8 41.0 37.3

The assist and turnover rates are interesting; I'm not familiar with Lacey's background or how he was utilized at Alabama, but these numbers would suggest that he ran the show a bit. I don't think he would be asked to do that at State since Tyler Lewis and Cat Barber figure to be around to handle the point, and maybe that's for the best.

What's encouraging for a team starving for defensive help is his ability to generate steals--he ranked 311th nationally in steal rate last year, placing him higher than any NC State guard not named Lorenzo Brown.

All told it looks like we're getting someone who can do a little of everything, though no one statistic really jumps off the page. Which is fine. He should be a solid secondary scoring option right away, and he will give NC State an additional three-point threat. He's also an important roster bridge since Desmond Lee and Ralston Turner will be seniors in 2014-15 (Lacey's junior year).