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Mark Gottfried Talks About The Season Ahead, Offseason Goals

Grant Halverson

Mark Gottfried met with the media Tuesday to discuss a bunch of different topics, from dudes needing to lose weight to the expectations that lie ahead, which are somewhat low at this point in time, as you may have heard.

"I'm realistic to know that our expectations are not very high right now," Gottfried said. "I go to the grocery store and get the guy in the grocery store saying, 'Hang in there, coach. It's going to be a long year for you.'"

Jeez, random downer guy, Coach is just trying to browse for some dang snacks and you gotta be all harshing the vibe. Are there no boundaries in re: vibe harshing any more, sir? Was watching the team attempt to play defense all year not enough?

Gottfried said that Jordan Vandenberg is down almost 25 pounds to 262, but he wants that down to 250 by the start of fall practice. Vandenberg responded in a way only he can.

He can still play with only one arm right?

BeeJay Anya also needs to drop some pounds--he is going on the "Jenny Craig plan immediately," according to Gottfried. He should just call it the Richard Howell plan. Proven results! We could market that sucker, make some extra cash for the athletics department.

Other notes:

-- T.J. Warren is taller, trimmer, per Gottfried.

-- Gottfried says Ralston Turner is 6'7" (dunno about that but hey sounds good) and worked as hard as anyone could during the year off.

-- Tyler Lewis and Cat Barber sound like they're forming good chemistry early on.

-- Defense!

"When we get in the gym with our players, we're going to spend more time on defense than we have in the past," Gottfried said. "Collectively as a group, we have to get a lot better at that."

He also said that the team needs Warren to be "as good at defensive rebounding as he is at scoring." Any improvement in that area from Warren will be huge for us.

-- The team has participated in leadership seminars.

-- Gottfried called the non-conference slate "aggressive, competitive" and wants to be in a position to make the NCAAs.