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Cat Barber Injures Left Foot; X-Rays Reveal Nothing Serious

Aw crap.


9:30 p.m. Update: I think we can relax now, y'all. Joe Giglio reports that the x-rays came back clean:

Barber, who was a McDonald's All-American at Hampton (Va.) High School last season, had his left foot evaluated and x-rayed on Wednesday. The x-rays were clean but Barber is wearing a walking boot as a precaution.


Cat Barber suffered an injury to his left foot in a pickup game, and now he's wearing a protective boot. He... is not happy.

(Update: Barber deleted the second tweet; here's the photo for anyone interested.)

I see you reachin' for that panic button but hold on one second. According to Bret Strelow, the injury is not believed to be serious, though what that implies exactly, I'm not sure, since I am not a foot doctor.

If that's accurate, I can't imagine Barber would be forced to miss any regular season games because of this setback. Even if he broke something, he's got almost three months to heal. It obviously hurts from a developmental standpoint, but if that's the extent of the damage, State will be fine.

With no reason to speculate otherwise, I'm just going to assume this is no big deal because we cannot play this season without a healthy Cat Barber.

On a side note, has anyone seen Tyler Lewis lately? Maybe he should be put in bubble wrap until the full extent of Barber's injury is known.