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Why Is NC State Chasing Another 2013 Point Guard?

Do not read anything into this. Just kidding; let's all read way too much into this and panic, as is our custom.


NC State is apparently interested in unsigned 2013 point guard Darren Black, which seems strange given that the Pack is slated to have both Cat Barber and Tyler Lewis available to run the point next season.

Yeah see this just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me and--

Oh. Almost probably certainly maybe! I'm getting tired of having to worry about stuff like this, Tyler. Help me out here; I mean, it's been a month since our season ended and I should be fully numb to any and all things basketball at this point. This is how I manage to survive each year.

On a serious note, these two things may be entirely unrelated. The interest in Black is curious but it is a wee bit paranoid of me to take from that the notion that Lewis is gone. Yet it did cross my mind, because I'm an NC State fan and cannot help these things. The staff may simply be trying to add roster depth for practice and whathaveyou. Black is a three-star prospect according to Scout.

In other recruiting news, forward Lennard Freeman cut his list to five schools, and NC State is among his finalists.

UPDATE: Paranoia unjustified!